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Comic #9: Twisting His Arm

Comic #9: Twisting His Arm published on 1 Comment on Comic #9: Twisting His Arm

The Cafe was typically a super-crowded place, being smack in the center of the main dorm complex. You’ll see plenty of this place as this comic progresses.

Thanks to the following individuals who contributed their characters to background cameos on this page:

Three girls in the bottommost panel: Alyxvixen | Davoerlo | VaatiWithBlue

The rest of the cameos: TheBeachBears | Sheroi | Bakertoons | RandoChris | Coelacanth1938 | MajorMattMason | Thwaites | Foxarron | Jreqthek9 | Mviluatusun | OrenKC | Ironmania2003 | Crwolf | Microbuss | Smithdanigans | Matthewtheskunk

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