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Comic #6: Settling In

Comic #6: Settling In published on 4 Comments on Comic #6: Settling In
My apologies with the delay on this page! As many of you know from my social media accounts (and as mentioned on the Peter & Company site), I’ve been struggling with carpal tunnel since early September. I’ve finally pulled through and got back into the swing of drawing again, so things are getting back to normal in terms of comic and art production. In other P&W news, a couple quick items: Starting with this page, I will be including Whitney’s name in the byline along with mine. This comic has been an equal joint venture between the two of us, so from now on she’ll have proper representation on each page. Also, right now the annual Whitney Cosplay Series is going on over on the P&W Tumblr! Each year throughout the entire month of October, I draw Whitney’s character in pinups wearing a different costume from various anime, game, film and TV characters. Votes are counted for each sketch via Tumblr notes (likes & reblogs), and the piece that wins the most notes at the end of the month gets a free upgrade to ink and color! The 2015 series was a tremendous success, so if you’d like to help contribute to the fun with the 2016 series, head on over to the Peter & Whitney Tumblr and start liking/reblogging your favorites!
  • MrAMP

    Well, to be fair, I imagine they do make earthquake resistant beds. Just saying. XD
    But on a more serious note, I’m beginning to suspect that these two are so going to balance each other out quite nicely.

  • Siraj Tusoi

    I can already hear the ‘aw, dammit so much…’

  • Silvermain

    I’m sensing a friendship forming here, that is not unlike the one Peter had with Seth. In fact it already seems very similar.

    • Dakota Miyamoto

      And now that you’ve gone and said that I’m imagining Gene is Seth who is now an elite