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Comic #3: Temporary Goodbyes

Comic #3: Temporary Goodbyes published on 10 Comments on Comic #3: Temporary Goodbyes

Yes, at some point in the events of Peter & Company, Peter and Chelsea will reconcile their differences and become friends. Which is actually exactly what happened to me with the real-life Chelsea, too. By the time we hit late high school we actually were pretty close friends, having moved on from everything that happened when we were kids.

This has a tendency to happen when you grow up.


Temporary goodbyes? I wonder if that’s due in part to the fact that Peter is going to be seeing some of these folks at whatever college he’s attending.

I can’t help but feel that the father in the Panel #4 wants Peter to leave the nest already. It kind of reminds me of when my brother left home. I was so excited that I just couldn’t hide it.

Also, those two might’ve reconciled their differences, but they’ll still tease each other like children. XD

How does the guardian stuff work anyway? On the about page you say they no longer have any memories, but on a page of PnC it kinda seemed like they remember the guardians as persons/pets, but not that they actually were celestial beings

The children see and remember the Guardians while they have one, Children who do not have guardians and adults do not see them, when the child who has a Guardian grows up they forget they had one and remember it only as an “Imaginary Friend”.

Elite Guardians are the exception to this rule, they can take other forms to be a comfort to children such as Chelsea who need a Guardian but would not accept a normal one (like Seth or Skin).

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