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Comic #2: Barreling Down Memory Lane

Comic #2: Barreling Down Memory Lane published on 9 Comments on Comic #2: Barreling Down Memory Lane
Backstory revealed! At some point in the past, Whitney moved away and completely lost contact with Peter, leaving her as the “one that got away” in his mind. Part of growing up is learning not to hold onto your past. The question of whether Peter eventually ended up with a girlfriend during his high school years will be answered in time as well.
  • Madcat

    A bit of backstory revealed already 😉

  • Regulos14

    Loving this comic already. XD

  • neksuscat .

    Awww.. So they didn’t get along in the middle school? :C
    That’s a sad spoiler..

  • Ratz

    Awww look at them, they all grown up.

  • Shadowkey392

    Ah, so THAT’S what happened. *whew*. Id been wondering if she’d died or something.

  • Vangeroth

    So if there are pictures from back then, will their be any possible remnants of the “Guardians” in some of the pictures?
    Even though they have “moved on” I think it might be interesting. Though I think making them only visible to their respective partner might be a interesting twist. As I know that any person with a Guardian can see other people Guardians as well, but maybe as part of the “moving on” process; they become invisible to anyone but the person they were paired with.

    • Not visible within photos, no. They just see the photos as they were taken in reality, without any visible evidence of the Guardians. After a child moves on, they only remember that they at one point had an “imaginary friend,” and might remember their name, but not anything else of significance. They just become a faded part of their childhood 99% of the time.

  • Zanar


  • Zanar

    It’s awesomly awkward to see these characters as 18 year olds