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Comic #19: Tracy’s Roommate

Comic #19: Tracy’s Roommate published on 5 Comments on Comic #19: Tracy’s Roommate

And Whitney FINALLY makes her debut in the comic! Yes, now it’s just a question as to how long it will take for her and Peter to meet again.

TRUE STORY FACT: Tracy and Whitney really were roommates at SCAD, and had been friends since elementary school. Whitney calls her “Tito” here, which is actually her real-life nickname that she’s had since she was a kid. The story behind this will be explained on a future page.

Thanks to the following folks who contributed their characters to this page as cameos in the background:

APastaTiger | MajorMattMason | Mako67 | Sparkpad | Aceprrflr | Randochris | TSquaredProductions | Davoerlo | Mrpopo | Axel | AnansiDragon | TheLordofLemonz | Mislakane

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So the problem I have with this is so: They were all 3 in school together as kids correct (not 100% cause I don’t have an eidetic memory and I haven’t gone back to reread all of P&C looking for it)? So why is Tracy acting like this is some random person Whitney wouldn’t know?

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