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Comic #19: Tracy’s Roommate

Comic #19: Tracy’s Roommate published on 5 Comments on Comic #19: Tracy’s Roommate
And Whitney FINALLY makes her debut in the comic! Yes, now it’s just a question as to how long it will take for her and Peter to meet again.

TRUE STORY FACT: Tracy and Whitney really were roommates at SCAD, and had been friends since elementary school. Whitney calls her “Tito” here, which is actually her real-life nickname that she’s had since she was a kid. The story behind this will be explained on a future page.

Thanks to the following folks who contributed their characters to this page as cameos in the background:

APastaTiger | MajorMattMason | Mako67 | Sparkpad | Aceprrflr | Randochris | TSquaredProductions | Davoerlo | Mrpopo | Axel | AnansiDragon | TheLordofLemonz | Mislakane

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  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    hoo boy. this’ll be awkward.

  • KLiCK

    OH MY GOOOOOOD!!! Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

  • Marjash

    So the problem I have with this is so: They were all 3 in school together as kids correct (not 100% cause I don’t have an eidetic memory and I haven’t gone back to reread all of P&C looking for it)? So why is Tracy acting like this is some random person Whitney wouldn’t know?

    • My thought process was that she isn’t so much thinking that Whitney wouldn’t know him, so much as she’s just tired of thinking about him and doesn’t want to talk about it. At this point since it’s been years since Whitney went to their school, it may not have even dawned on her yet that Whitney could possibly remember him.

  • Shadowkey392

    What are the odds of that?