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Comic 17: Return of the Bookworm

Comic 17: Return of the Bookworm published on 8 Comments on Comic 17: Return of the Bookworm

The latest character to return from the original cast of Peter & Company: Tracy, the Bookworm. Will she play a much larger role in Peter & Whitney? Hmm, perhaps…

Many thanks to the folks who contributed their characters as cameos in this page, including Nate Day, whose character was immortalized as a stone bust since it was his birthday! The rest of the characters include:

Kittybird | Thwaitesy | Bakertoons | AlyxVixen | AceTiger | UltyFox | FoxArron | CRWolf | Azraeldrown | Orsonfoe | Koalacakes | Zody77 | Ironmania | MarmelMM | Metalhead

Note: The lineart version of this page is posted temporarily. The color version will be swapped in as soon as it is complete.

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