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Comic #16: How Rude

Comic #16: How Rude published on 4 Comments on Comic #16: How Rude
Iggy is very protective of his girlfriend. Especially against goofball roommates. Note: The color version of this page will be posted as soon as it is completed, as we weren’t able to get it completed in time for publishing.

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  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    I don’t Blame Iggy. he lucked out with her. peter needs to have a chat with his roommate about the intricacies of privacy and when not to get involved. preferably after tying him to his bed in his sleep to keep him listening

  • MrAMP

    To be moderately, I can respect the over-protectiveness there as he did kind of come onto her. XD

  • Shadowkey392

    XD he had that coming!

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    Think with the head on your shoulders, not the one between your legs.