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eh, why bother going to college? you just wind up owing a lot of money to a bank, which you may or may not be able to ever pay off, and the chance of getting a good job immediately after college is getting slimmer each year. if you don’t already have connections to places you want to work, you ain’t gonna get a job after college. being a socially inept autistic guy, i came to that conclusion after flunking a year at a community college. i am just lucky i lived relatively nearby the community college so i didn’t have to room up with someone. guh.

Or maybe they have free college like in lots of countries

yeah sure, but you need to be worth it for the college. if you’re like me, the social outcast who prefers his computers to people and work, then you ain’t getting into a “free” college. and ya still gotta pay for the things to keep yourself alive, food water shelter, all not free, unless your parents live in the same town and are willing to let you bum with them a few more years before they kick you out

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