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Comic #10: False Alarm

Comic #10: False Alarm published on No Comments on Comic #10: False Alarm

And thus, Peter’s descent into madness begins..

The Summer Swarm was the first event I went to during my first weekend at SCAD. The exact scene in the first panel was one of my first exposures to other students’ artwork at the school, and it blew me away to see so many talented people in one place. It really was an amazing experience, since everyone was so like-minded and legitimately interested in meeting other artists. It was a great time to just bring a sketchbook and have some fun — which is what Peter is wishing he had brought with him in the second panel, before his dialog is interrupted.

Also fun fact: Whitney drew the sketch portrait of the girls in the first panel!

Special thanks to the following awesome folks who put their characters in for a cameo on this page:

Thwaites | Infinitedge | Starkitt3n | Kaelgren | Sparkflow | Bakertoons | Gamemaster | MajorMattMason | Furrhan | NBBowler | Ironmania2003World | Davoerlo | TerrificTwenty | Dortje | Alyxvixen | FoxArron

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