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Comic #1: Graduation Day

Comic #1: Graduation Day published on 13 Comments on Comic #1: Graduation Day
Welcome to the dawning of a next phase in these characters’ lives. It is now several years after the events of Peter & Company: the Guardians are gone, the kids are grown up, and life is moving onward as it tends to do. Iggy and Ezzy are now a couple, Chelsea has found someone of her own, and Peter is… well. You’ll see. This comic is the end result of several years’ worth of work, and I’m super excited to get the ball finally rolling on it.
  • Madcat

    Looks good, looking forward to seeing more of it 🙂

  • Regulos14

    The wait is over! XD

  • Shadowkey392

    Nice! I look for ward to the rest of this.

  • MrAMP

    OMGG! Iggy and Ezzy are a couple!? I didn’t see that coming at all!
    But man…this should be an interesting read.

  • Shadowkey392

    Oh, hey! Iggy’s got a goatee!

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    Hey Jon, if the update schedule is alternating Mondays, shouldn’t this comic have updated by now? I’m not demanding one, I’m simply curious if anything has come up.

    • I actually posted on Twitter about this on Monday. This is my first week attempting to balance two comic updates at once, so I’m still getting used to the schedule. Sorry! I’ve got the pencils and inks almost finished and should have the next page ready in time for this coming Monday, so the wait won’t be long. 🙂

      • Dakota Miyamoto

        Mmk, and I don’t use Twitter, or Facebook, I don’t like sites like those, of course that’s probably because I’m a hardcore introvert

      • Dakota Miyamoto

        Also, does this mean both comics will be updated this coming Monday? Because that would be fan-frigging-tastic

  • Mike Bennett

    This is totally awesome! Can’t wait to see how Peter copes with adulthood! 🙂

  • Zanar

    This is gonna be a lot of feels

  • Zanar

    This is going to be sad and beautiful. Times change

  • Zanar

    Waid a minute, where’s Kel?