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Comic #8: Dinner Distractions

Comic #8: Dinner Distractions published on 8 Comments on Comic #8: Dinner Distractions

This really is how the dorms are at SCAD (at least for the Weston and Dyson houses, which is where I spent most of my on-campus time during undergrad). SCAD has a reputation for buying up old properties around Savannah and renovating them into new buildings for the school. In this case, it wound up giving every pair of students their own private bathroom and shower, which was an absolute blessing compared to the majority of other student housing options in other schools.

The cafe here — Cafe SCAD — is actually connected to Weston House (Peter starts off in Dyson, which is across the parking lot). You’ll be seeing a lot of the cafe in this comic during the “On-Campus” years.

Also, continuing with the tradition established in Peter & Company, this is the first official page of P&W to feature character cameos! Thanks to the following individuals who contributed their characters to the page:

Ironmania | Thwaitesy | CorneliusNoir | QueerOfTheRooster | WolfMare | DustyTufty | Bakertoons | Axel | CRWolf | Apastatiger | DWorld | MajormattMason

And the two lovely ladies stealing Eugene’s attention are from InfinitEdge and Foxarron! If you’d like to contribute your own characters to a future page, you just need to tune in to my streams on Picarto when I’m drawing a page that requires them. Cameos have always been and will always be free of charge; all you need to do is show up to the stream.

July 2016 Update: Back to Work!

July 2016 Update: Back to Work! published on

Hello, everyone!

I’d like to thank everyone who followed what happened over the past month. To those who didn’t get the news on Twitter/Tumblr, back in mid-June I suffered from a herniated disc in my lower spine that completely cut off my capabilities to draw or work on the computer. I finally have managed to recover from it, so Whitney and I are now back to producing both Peter & Company and Peter & Whitney once again, resuming our bi-weekly update schedule for each.

In other good news, my period of unemployment has officially ended as of this week as well! I’ll be working Monday-Wednesday for the time being (until they have more hours for me — ultimately I hope to be bumped up to full-time before long), so the stream schedule will consist of the following, starting Sunday, July 24 (all times EST):

Sundays @8pm: Penciling the following week’s comic page (switching between P&C and P&W each week)
Wednesdays @8pm: Whitney Wednesdays! Whitney takes control of the stream to color the upcoming page.
Thursdays and Fridays @2pm: Working on Whitney Cosplays (until they’re all finished)

Stream page:

The times above are subject to change depending on various things (Whitney’s work schedule can fluctuate), so to be notified whenever the stream goes live, follow us on Twitter: